About The Association

The Association is all about coffee.

We are progressive coffee makers and we are fastidious. We prepare every cup with careful attention and will only serve it when satisfied it meets our exacting standards. At The Association you should expect coffee at it’s very best.

In addition to our regular espresso we offer a range of coffees that are continually changing according to season. We have something new almost every week, either as a guest espresso or a single origin coffee served on our brew bar.

We sell bags of coffee, either as a whole bean or ground to order, for a Stove Top, a French Press or a Filter Coffee. We stock a range of home brewing equipment and can offer advice on coffee selection and home brewing methods.

We also offer a selection of elegant teas, wonderful pastries and cakes and freshly squeezed juices. We work with suppliers who we believe are the very best in London or the UK – you can read about them on Our Suppliers page.

If you have an interest in coffee please pop down to see us.