We’ve worked very hard to find just the right suppliers and are very proud to present them to you. We love working them, each one is as passionate about their work as we are about ours.

Workshop Coffee

Based in Clerkenwell, Workshop Coffee is one of Europe’s finest roasters. They source many of their coffees direct from the plantations and spend months abroad visiting farms and securing supply of exceptionally high grade beans. They are a progressive roaster and we feel lucky to have them in London.

Square Mile Coffee

Square Mile roast some of the most exquisite coffees your likely to taste from their roastery in Bethnal Green. Their signature roast style has earned them a reputation for quality internationally.

Northiam Dairy

We chose to work with Northiam Dairy because of it balance of sweetness, creamy mouth-feel and ability to hold coffee flavours. In a blind tasting of several highly regarded milks, our tasters picked Northiam as first choice, both in coffee and by itself. We think it’s so good we even put it on our menu – a glass of milk!

Postcard Tea

Postcard Tea has a well earned reputation for providing stunning teas that you won’t find elsewhere. We’re proud to serve them along-side our coffees and we brew them with the same love and precision.

The Little Bread Pedlar

Lucky for us The Little Bread Pedlar is located in Bermondsey, just across the Thames from The Association. It’s important to be close because all their pastries are delivered by bicycle just in time for the morning rush. Their small team of pastry chefs use Lescure butter to make pastries of mouth-watering perfection.

Sweet Tooth Factory

Sweet Tooth Factory is another gem in the London baking world and we are super excited to be working with them. Sweet Tooth makes cakes, crumbles, tarts and other treats in small batches to their own bespoke recipes. Banana & Nutella Blondie, Cherry and White Chocolate Cookies and Salted Caramel Brownies are are just some of their signature creations.

Ginger Pig

The Ginger Pig is a North Yorkshire farmer of beef, lamb, pork and poultry and is deservedly recognised for meats of the highest quality. We serve their sausage rolls, which we think are very best around.

e5 Bakehouse

Based in Hackney, e5 Bakehouse have earned a reputation as one of London’s top bread bakers. The quality and range of breads they provide is truly impressive. When you’re biting into one of our sandwiches, baguettes or raisin toasts, you’re biting into e5.

Newton & Pott

Newton & Pott are makers of exquisite home-made Chutneys, Jams and Preserves. We use their Chutneys and Sauces in our sandwiches and on our sausage rolls.